POP 101 Lyric Video

Aug. 26, 2014

Howdy Trencherinos!

Just in case you were wondering what the lyrics are for our new sinlge "POP 101," we've put together a fun little lyric video to help you out!

Check out the video here:

Josh takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Aug. 19, 2014

Yesterday in the middle of Vancouver, Josh officially accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Instead of just having cold water poured on his head, Josh took the challenge and made it something more, by offering to donate $100 to both the ALS Association and to the LBD Association. He also dared YOU to give back to a charity that means something to you!

Thanks to the awesome trenchers that came out! Your support helped raise $2600 for both the ALSA and LBDA!

Watch the full video here:

Click here to donate to the ALS Association!

Click here to donate to the LBD Association!

2014 MMVA items now on ebay!

Aug. 15, 2014

Hey Trencherinos!

Remember that time when Josh and Matt woke up on the red carpet at the 2014 MMVAs? We hope so, because you can now own a piece of MMVA and Marianas Trench history!

Need to stay warm? What about wear something to bed?

Click here to bid on the Marianas Trench MMVA comforter!

Click the links below to bid on the ladies lingerie SIGNED by all of us!

SIGNED Lingerie 1

SIGNED Lingerie 2

SIGNED Lingerie 3

SIGNED Lingerie 4

Good luck bidding!

POP 101 Balloons

Aug. 7, 2014

In celebration of our new single "POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice)" Mike and Matt decided to pop 101 balloons.

Warning: The video below may induce endless laughter.

#POP101 now on VEVO around the world!

Aug. 4, 2014

Last Friday we premiered the offical video for our new single "POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice)" on Much Music for our Canadian fans, and now we are very excited to bring the video to our fans around the world!

So no matter where you live, click here to watch the video for "POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice) NOW!

Music Video for POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice) to premier on Much Music!

Jul. 31, 2014

You've heard the single, and now you'll be able to see the video!

The official music video for our new single POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice) will premier on Friday at 6pm ET/3pm PST on Much Music and!

Tune in to catch your first look at the official music video for POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice)!

"POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice)" OUT NOW!

Jul. 29, 2014

Our brand new single "POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice)" is NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES AROUND THE WORLD!

Sorry... we had to write that in caps because we are SO excited!

So no matter what country you live in, you can now pick up our new single "POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice) on iTunes!

And share the single with your friends, family, and everyone you know! Spread the word Trencherinos!

POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice) now on the radio!

Jul. 28, 2014

POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice) is here! (well... almost)

Our brand new single hit radio stations across Canada today and we're already hearing the song being played on the radio. Great way to kick off the start to a great week!

POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice) will be available EVERYWHERE July 29th!

Canadian Trenchers... give your local radio station a call and request "POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice)" on the radio!

The official reveal of the cover art for "POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice)"

Jul. 23, 2014

Trencherinos rejoice! The time has come to officially reveal the cover art for our upcoming new single "POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice)."

POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice) will hit radio stations across the country on Monday July 28th and on Tuesday July 29th, the single will hit iTunes worldwide! So no matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to sing and dance along to our brand new single!

Check out this video for the official single cover reveal:

Getting ready for the Medicine Hat Stampede!

Jul. 17, 2014

We're getting pretty excited to perform at The Medicine Hat Stampede on July 23rd, and we wanted to take a minute to talk about how amazing our fans (that's you!) are.

Find out more from Mike's interview with the Medicine Hat News here.

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