Announcing DESPERATE MEASURES as the new single!

Apr. 26, 2012

First we’d like to announce that the next single off EVER AFTER is… (drum roll please) DESPERATE MEASURES!

 We’ll let you take that in for a minute… breathe… breathe…. Breathe…. OK, now sit down, because you might just freak out about the next part…


Ok, are you ready?


Want to be part of the music video for Desperate Measures? Here's how you can:


 Marianas Trench needs your help creating their next video for Desperate Measures.  The video shoots soon, there's no time to waste, so here's the details -- Make a doll of your favorite band member, or all band members.  The dolls can be any style and any size.  That means, for example, that you could create a Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas style doll of Josh that is 12" tall, or, for example, you could create a Ken style doll of Matt that is 18" tall, or a Teddy Bear style doll that looks like Mike, or a Super Hero doll that looks like Ian.  Anything goes!  Create your doll from scratch.  Augment an existing doll.  There are no rules so unleash your style and creativity and create the greatest doll (or dolls!) you can and send them in. ALL DOLLS WILL BE IN THE MUSIC VIDEO but the three best dolls (or sets of band member dolls), as determined by the awesome people at 604 Records, will win prizes!  So make sure to send your contact info with your doll submissions.  Dolls need to arrive at 604 Records by Tuesday May 8, 2012.  You can send your dolls to:

604 Records Inc

MT Doll Contest

101-1001 West Broadway, Unit #362

Vancouver, BC V6H 4E4



And if making dolls isn’t really your thing and you live in the Vancouver area……



 If you're in the Vancouver area or will be in the Vancouver area on May 11 then you can appear in the next Marianas Trench music video for Desperate Measures!  Unleash your creativity dress up as your favorite band member as a human doll and upload a video of yourself to YouTube dancing, singing, having fun, or whatever you feel like doing, to Desperate Measures and send us a link!  We'll select fifty of you to appear as feature players in the music video and five of you will be selected for a starring role, so go crazy!  There will be a raffle on shoot day and one of you will win something pretty special.  Deadline for submissions is Sunday May 6th.  Remember, you must be in the Vancouver area May 11 to participate.  Email your YouTube links to


Good luck to everyone and thanks for your help!


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