An acoustic performance and interview with The Huffington Post...

Jul. 2, 2013

While us fellows were in New York for the FACE THE MUSIC: THE NOISE TOUR, we took a trip to The Huffington Post's "office" (aka - a school) for an acoustic performance and interview.

Check out the videos here!

Check out our Tour Diary on MTV Buzzworthy!

Jun. 27, 2013

While the FACE THE MUSIC: THE NOISE TOUR may have wrapped up last week, we're still reliving every amazing moment from the tour. Our days start great and end awesome, and while on the road, we were able to film a tour diary so we could share with you (and everyone else) the feeling we get when we're on tour.

The tour diary is available to watch on MTV's Buzzworthy Blog here! Go check it out and relive every moment with us over and over again.

Check out our interview with Rock Forever Magazine!

Jun. 26, 2013

While we were in Orlando, we had a chance to chat with Rock Forever Magazine on our glamourous tour bus. We were asked some very tough, yet thought-provoking questions.

Check out the interview here. Maybe you'll learn something new about us!

Thank you, America!

Jun. 24, 2013

US Trenchers, we have one thing to say: Thank you.

The FACE THE MUSIC: THE NOISE TOUR was one spectacular tour. We keep reliving the memories from this tour, and they are certainly ones that will stay with us forever. We will never forget how loud you were, and how you knew all of the words to every song, and how friendly and welcome all of you were. It was a great experience getting to meet all of you, and we appreciate all of your support from start to finish. After five weeks on the road, it's nice to be home, but it's even nicer thinking about all of the special moments we got to shared with you on this tour.

Thank you trenchers for being the amazing fans you are, and thank to our crew, our friends at Cherryree and Journeys, to Air Dubai, Ghost Town and Protector for helping this tour realize its full potential.

We're just over half way through 2013, and we can't even begin to imagine what the rest of the year will hold. We do know one thing though... this is truly the year of the trench.

A day in our life...

Jun. 20, 2013

With only 2 shows left of the FACE THE MUSIC: THE NOISE TOUR, we partnered with Pure Volume to take you through a day in our life. Touring is a tricky thing, and we wanted to take you through a regular day in our "office."

Each day is beyond "regular," so click here to take a look at a day in our life!

Well, that was one fantastic night folks

Jun. 17, 2013

All we can after last night is "wow."

The 2013 MMVAs were nothing short of absolutely amazing and we can't thank our fans enough for all of your incredible support. Last night we took home 2 awards for Pop Video of the Year and for UR Fave Video of the Year, and we couldn't have done that without you.

From one wild red carpet entrance, to an amazing performance, to awards and a night full of surprises, the MMVAs have to be one of the most exciting nights of the year for us.

We'll be posting some pics from last night, but if you want to relive every moment from the red carpet to the show, head to

Again, thank you trenchers for your enduring support. It's been an incredible year for us so far, as we are so excited for what's to come.

One BIG Push for the MMVAs!

Jun. 13, 2013

We're taking a very short break from our amazing US Tour this Sunday to come back to Canada for the MUCH MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS!

Here's what you can expect:

- Sunshine (we hope)

- A very surprising red carpet entrance

- Crazy costumes

- Surprises

- One EPIC performance

- More Suprises

And hopefully, we'll be bringing home some awards!

Don't forget that we've been nominated for UR FAVE ARTIST and UR FAVE VIDEO, and we need your votes to win! Head to and vote for us as many times as you can until Sunday!

Tune in on Sunday June 16th for the Much Music Video Awards! From the red carpet to the end of the show, it's going to be one wild night!

BY NOW - the official trailer

Jun. 12, 2013

We spent some time in the desert in Vegas, got dirty, and shot on amazing video for our fifth and final single - BY NOW. Happy to say that this one our biggest yet, and we can't wait for you to see it.

To wet your whistle, and get you excited, watch the full trailer for the video here:

BY NOW - officially on the radio!

Jun. 10, 2013

We have officially released our fifth and final single off of Ever After.

"By Now" is one fantastic song, and we felt it best represented the incredible journey "Ever After" has taken us on. So trencherinos, get in touch with your local radio station and request BY NOW as often as you can! Let's get this diddy to the top of the charts!

Video to be released this summer.

Check us out on AP's Megamix!

Jun. 7, 2013

Our friends at Alternative Press have put together an amazing June Megamix that features music from THE NOISE TOUR. That means that for the month of June, you can listen to some of our music, as well as music from Ghost Town and Air Dubai.

Download the Alternative Press app (for FREE) and check out the June Megamix!

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